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Wire Piercing Probe For Multimeter

Our Wire Piercing Probe is top-quality For multimeters! It's made from durable plastic and making it straightforward to operate and referring repairs, the Probe is small and lightweight, making it effortless to take with you wherever you go.

Multimeter Wire Piercing Probe

This offers an exceptional substitute to increase your multimeter skills and help ensure your mm Wire pierced clip is protected from potential Wire Piercing errors, the kit comes with a clip and Probe For your mm Wire the Probe is able to plugged into an electrical outlet and the check code makes it uncomplicated to determine if the Wire is too small For the mm clip. The clip also offers a built in pick to help you pierce the Wire if it is too small to reach, this is a Wire Piercing Probe For use in multimeters. It is designed to pierce Wire clasps on multimeters and measure multimeters's lead utilization, the Probe also features a clip For attaching to a multimeter's plug. The Wire Piercing Probe is a sterling substitute to see if any Piercing damage is done to your wire, the Probe can also help you to determine the right amount of Wire to handle For a specific multimeter task. The Probe can be used to measure current and voltage, this Probe is practical For multimeters test leads. It is an 4 mm banana plug that fits into the base of the multimeter and allows you to measure potential Wire Piercing points, the Probe is manufactured of sturdy materials and it will last long in the field.