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Needle Tip Multimeter Probes

This is a needlet tip multimeter probe set that tests leads for 4 fluke 600v applications. The set includes a needles tipped probe with anodic stainless steel wire and a 4mm socket.

Probes Test Leads 4 Fluke

2 X Aidetek Sharp hard

By AideTek


Test Lead Kit Cat Iii Alligator Clips, Needle Probes, Tips
Probes Test Leads For Fluke

Smallest Fluke Multimeter

There are many types of multimeters, but the smallest fluke multimeter is the best for checking brewerybottles and other small flukes. It can measure from 0. 02 to 0. 10 ma, which is good for checking breweries and other beer containers.

Needle Probe Multimeter

The needle probe multimeter is perfect for testing needle tips (4 fluke tester 600v) and probes (test leads 4 fluke tester 600v). The 600v 1a model is good for 600v applications and will recognize tests between 4 and 600v. The multimeter also includes a 4mm socket for expanding its range to other types of needle tips and probes. these probes are designed for use with test lead pins from 4mm by 4mm. They are accurate to 0. All probes come with a 30-day unconditional warranty. this is a set of needles tip multimeter probes that are for use with test leads (fluke tester 600v 1a 4mm socket). The probes can be used to measure current and current range using detailed testing of small current leads. The probes can also detect violations of test conditions by detecting potential over-currenting and over-voltage. the aidetek stainless steel needle tipped tip multimeter probes test leads are designed to make it easy to measure water levels in a lab. Ph, and other properties. The 4 fluke design makes these probes easy to hold and tamper-proof.