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Multimeter Usb Data Logger

This multimeter is dandy for measuring Usb devices like printers, scanners, and digital cameras, the voltage and current readings are logged and shared with other hantek customers so you can track your business's progress. The Data can be accessed through the page or used to improve marketing materials.

HANTEK 365B PC Based USB Data Logger Recorder True RMS Digital Multimeter
misol / Data Logger Temperatur Feuchte USB-Datenlogger Thermometer  Datensatz
Dmm Pc Based

Hantek 365B USB Data Logger

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365d Bluetooth Wireless Data Logger

Multimeter Data Logger

The multimeter a Data Logger is first-rate for Usb Data loggers that need to monitor voltages and currents, the Data Logger offers a comfortable design and effortless to adopt features, making it an unrivaled substitute for general use. The multimeter offers a Data Logger type which can record and track psu, board, card and other data, the true rms digital multimeter allows you to fine-tune its results with a digital display, and enjoy accurate, real-time feedback. The pc-based design makes it uncomplicated to handle and navigate, the hantek 365 b is an Usb Data Logger that uses true rms digital multimeter to measure levels of Data and noise, the device also includes a recorder that can keep track of recordings made with the device. The hantek 365 b is compatible with many software applications and can be used to track computer usage, the hantek Usb true rms digital multimeter 365 is a beneficial alternative for lovers wanting for a wireless Data logger. This model grants a rms (real-time) function and is compatible with 365 software, the multimeter also grants an interface, making it straightforward to connect to your phone or computer.