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Multimeter Home Depot

This is an 1001 826 403 multimeter from Home depot, it's in pocket size and gives a small profile. It works recently i've used it to measure out power to a resistor and it was just enough to measure the volts, i'm happy with the purchase.

Multimeters At Home Depot

The multimeters at Home Depot are top-notch for shoppers who desiderate to check potential power or voltage levels in their Home or office, the multimeters are also ideal for use in conditions of safety. The multimeters have a safety flare-up system that ensures accuracy while in use, this fluke multimeter is an 1001 series multimeter that resides in a pocket-sized package. This multimeter measures 300 v acdc voltage levels, including digital levels 1 and 3, it uses an user-friendly intuitive interface with facile to adopt keys, making it a top-of-the-line alternative for Home 10 th-grade students, as well as self-reliant digital laboratories. The multimeters are first-rate tool for accuracy in quality control and safety in manufacturing, they are straightforward to adopt and can be used to measure voltages and currents. The 1001 model extends display and is top-of-the-heap for use in manufacturing, the 826 model gives a din display and is first-rate for use in engineering and engineering applications. The 403 model is for use in Home improvement and Home improvement applications, the Home Depot multimeter is a pocket-sized way that measures out 1001 volts. The multimeter also includes a quiet sound proofing design that makes it practical for Home use.