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Multimeter Fuse

This multimeter Fuse is for lcd digital multimeter voltmeter ammeter ohmmeter volts ampere ohms leads meter.

Fuse Bussmann New (2 Lot)

USA (2 Pack) DMM-11A Fluke

By Bussmann


Fuse 15a 600v Fast Acting Fuse Ktk-15 10xj6ldukdlukl Ch

Craftsman Multimeter Fuses

This multimeter extends two yx-360 tr transistors and a three-level battery charging led, it can measure at most 2 a power and 1 a current ratings. The multimeter also features arousing new power struggle mode which tells you how much power the device can source in only 5 minutes, the multimeter gives a donut style input and an on-off button to make it facile to use. This is an 1-pack Fuse for the craftsman multimeter, it includes 2 sets of 803293 digital multimeter filters. The filters are essential for properly monitoring multimeter Fuse 20 an 5 pin female connector and the craftsman multimeter, this Fuse is for the cooper multimeters. It is an 600 v ceramic Fuse that is for use in multimeters that have 10 an or less output, it is manufactured of 14 x1. 0 mm thick ceramic and grants a Fuse life of 10 months, the yx-360 tr is a high-quality multimeter that features analogue resolution and dc protection. It can measure fuses and diodes with a resolution of 10 the multimeter is able to work with both dc and ac voltage ranges, it is conjointly resistant to tipped position and gives a self-etitive filter.