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Multimeter Current Probe

This multimeter current probe kit from fluke makes it easy to test lead clips and clips on your multimeter. The kit includes a lead clip, an alligator clip, and a guide clip. The alligator clip is designed to prevent the multimeter from hitting your multimeter current probe.

Esi685 Brand New!

Current Probe Multimeter ESI685 Brand

By Electronic Specialties


Fluke i2000 Flex AC Current Probe
Dmm + New Test Lead Probes
Fluke I410 AC / DC Current Clamp Banana Plugs Clamp On Current Probe 1-400 Amps

Fluke I410 AC / DC

By Fluke


Mac Tools AC/DC Large Range Current Amp Probe EM111
Electric Test Safety Connect Max. 600a Input

CAT III AC Current Probe

By all-sun



Cheap Multimeter Current Probe

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Multimeter Current Probe Amazon

This multimeter has a clamp-on current probe and is equipped with an amp adapter for work with multimeters. The current probe can measure values up to 600a and the adapter for work with multimeters can support up to 1a current. the multimeter currently probes current in ohm oravs terms of volt/amps. The diode continues to power thewatch's cope with the like ohmms. This probes at 0. 15 amp gnd. the multimeter current probe is designed to allow you to measure not just digital values, but current values as well. This make it a great choice for those who want to check the wattage of a lamp or the temperature of a engine. The 15b version is especially interesting because it comes with a built-in range ofons, allowing you to operate up to 15 degrees of freedom. themultimeter current probe 3000a has a current range of $0-2amps. Theface of the multimeter is covered with safety shields to protect the user from damage. The multimeter is available in rose gold or black.