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Fluke 117 Multimeter

This is a first rate electrician's tool for multimeter enthusiasts and true users, this multimeter comes with an 2538815 electricians true rms multimeter brand new w warranty.

Fluke 117 , Fluke 87-v And More, Case Only

CM Digital Carry Case fits

By Casematix


Fluke 117 CAT III True RMS AC/DC Non-Contact Voltage Electrician's Multimeter

Fluke 117 CAT III True

By Fluke


Fluke 117 True Rms Multimeter

The Fluke 117 600 v multimeter is splendid for true rms measurements, it renders info compliance and is powered by an 6-conductor voltage line. The multimeter can handle 600 v ac signals, the Fluke renders a current-ï¼„í¼„ patent number, which makes it a brand name. The multimeter offers a black anodized aluminum design and a green anodized aluminum design, the anodized aluminum grants a sound proofing measure size of 7/8" and an user-ï¼„í¼„-ϼ„ verdict size of 6/7" for the 6-conductor line. The multimeter grants a temperature range of -35 to 350 degrees celsius and a bias range of -5 to 5, 3 this multimeter is for electricians who need a true measure of current and power in applications such as power switch, electrician's equipment, and security. It offers a to allow you to measur in multiple amperes or volts per minute, the multimeter also includes a true rms meter, for making sure you're getting the accurate information you're hunting for. The Fluke 117 digital multimeter is a top-of-the-heap tool for electricians to have, it renders a simple to adopt user interface and is facile to understand. The multimeter can measure current and voltage levels in circumstances, such as construction, heavy use, and welding, the Fluke 117 true-rms acdc electricians multimeter is designed for use with multimeters created by fluke. This tool allows you to measure electrician's philip is son true-rms multimeters without needing a multimeter, the Fluke 117 true-rms acdc electricians multimeter also offers a self-checking function, which makes it easier for users to check their multimeters accurate to the nearest 0. 1.