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Fine Tip Multimeter Probes

This multimeter has an extended fine tip for greater accuracy. Additionally, it features 10a 1000v power and is certified by the fluke brand.

Ultra-fine Needle Tip Multimeter Probes

Are you looking for a multimeter? if so, we have the perfect gift for you! Our new ultra-fine needle tip probes are perfect for multimeters because they're very small and easy to work with. We've got a wide range of multimeters to choose from, so you can find the one that's perfect for you. if you're looking for a multimeter that is perfect for your needs, then our top of the line probes are the perfect choice for you. Our multimeters are very easy to work with, and they offer a great level of accuracy and precision. With our multimeters, you'll get everything you need to know about accurate and efficient multimeters use. so what are you waiting for? get started on your multimeter journey today by choosing the perfect probe for your needs. With our top of the line probes, you'll get everything you need to know about accurate and efficient multimeters use. So get started on your multimeter journey today!

Ultra Fine Needle Tip Multimeter Probes

This is a combo of 2 ultra fine needle tip multimeter probes that are included with the 1000v 20a needle point multimeter. They are designed to help with immediate help in explaining and verifying electrical connections on equipment. The probes can help to remove any residuals from electricaltests and other tasks that may be needed on a specific article of equipment. the fine tip multimeter proteins is a 1 pair eta3201 10a 1000v multimeter probe extended fine tip that can be used to measure voltages and currents. The multimeter can be used with or without the multimeter probe, which makes it perfect for use with repairs or exams. we carry a variety of fine tip multimeters that provide good micro-scale testing. Our selection includes multimeters with super fine tips, which provide better performance for higher-level micro-level testing. thisfine tip multimeter probe is extended fine tip and it has a 10 ama multi tool finder. It also has a 3201 10a power supply and it will handle achilles, lolas, and other multimeters up to 1000v. The probe has a black anodization and it is made of stainless steel. It has a 3. 5 inches and it is made of plastic. It is made of kunstländisch.