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Bluetooth Multimeter

Our Bluetooth multimeter is a reliable and necessary tool for all those wanting to check current and voltage levels in devices that need it, this multimeter can help you to tell if your phone is on the same page as you, and if so, how fast. It also offers an acdc current voltage warning system which if activated will tell you what to do if the device is not on the same page as you.

Fluke 376 FC 1000 Amp AC & DC True RMS Clamp Meter w/ Bluetooth & iFlex Probe

Fluke 376 FC 1000 Amp

By Fluke


True Rms Ncv Temperature
TRMS 6000 Counts Digital Clamp Meter with Bluetooth for AC DC Amp Volt Ohm Test

Multimeter App

The multimeter app is a first rate app for wireless Bluetooth clamps! It renders various colors to suit your needs! The app makes it effortless to check clamps in and out, up and up! The multimeter using an android smartphone is sensational for an admirer wanting for a reliable tool to inspection items in their home or office, the 14090 t Bluetooth cat iv multimeter can track and monitor items like Bluetooth devices, wi-fi devices, and lights. This tool comes with a lead and case for convenience, multimeter apps: 1. Bluetooth-compatible digital multimeter app: the app is free and can be download from apple store or google play, acdc current voltage tappable app: this app is likewise free and can be downloaded from apple or google play stores. It is important to note that both of these apps have gotten better in the past few months, tv-compatible digital multimeter app: the tv-compatible app for android and iphone can be used with tv circuits, and are good for measuring current and power. Multimeter mods: multimeter mods: 1, multimeter mods: this app provides been given a review by apple herself with sterling reviews. She says that the app is able to work with multimeters that are able to work with her tv-compatible app, multimetermod: this app is again available for free from apple store or google play. Multimeter mods: 1, multimeter mods: this app is in like manner available for free from apple store or google play. This multimeter presents a Bluetooth feature so you can use it with your phone to easily read the readings, the reading area is 1-inch wide by 2-inch deep. The color digital display will show the f30, 1 in degrees, in inches, in degrees.