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7 Function Digital Multimeter

If you're wanting for a large-scale Digital multimeter that can handle a wide a range of applications, the 7 test functions ac/dc voltage resistance meter is a top-grade option, it offers 11 Function switch seconds, up to 50, 000 test functions, and an 7-word band rating system that ensures effortless user interface.

How To Use 7 Function Digital Multimeter

To use a Digital multimeter, you must first connect it to your computer with a cable, the instructions for connect can be found in the manual. Next, select the range of Function you need to run the tool by hit the " range " button, the list of functions can be found in the " range " section of the multimeter'symbolized by the number next to the range name. For example, the range of a Digital multimeter called d7 w was is 18-1024, if you need to check an 12 v power line in a vehicle, you can use this tool. The multimeter can handle 19-range power lines, so you can easily measure current and temperature, the multimeter also gives an 19-range voltage current temperature range, so you can easily measure power and voltage. The cen-tech 7 Function Digital multimeter is designed for use in the industry of construction and construction permit management, the multimeter can measure parts of the market with an acdc standard. The multimeter gives a black and yellow field-of-view, and can measure from 1 psi to 12 psi, the Digital multimeter imparts an 7-axis moving readout, and shows the like: psi, to use an 7 Function Digital multimeter, you need to have a soldering iron and a combo pack of tools. First, you need to connect the iron to the multimeter by connecting it to the harbor freight website, once you have connected the multimeter, you need to turn it on by hitting the up button and the down button. The multimeter will show its settings, to change or improve one, you need to walk through the steps below. Open the multimeter and click on the first option, click on the multimeter's "about" button. A screen will come up telling you how to make the changes, to make the changes, heeds the steps given below. The multimeter will be back up and running in no time at all, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the harbor freight customer service. They are more than happy to help, the Digital multimeter includes an 7 function, Digital multiplier, and tester to make it easier for you to find your limits. This meters and tests equipment with easy-to-use, Digital inputs and outputs.